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2 shows that there are a family of algebra isomorphisms from the ring of supercharacters to NCSym, where we replace induction from subgroups with its natural analogue superinduction from subgroups.
By Frobenius reciprocity we then also obtain the coefficients of superinduction from these subgroups.
Interestingly, a tissue-specific regulation of AhRR on CYP1A1 induction has been reported also from AhRR null mice showing a superinduction of CYP1A1 by TCDD only in spleen, skin, and stomach, but not in other tissues of AhRR null mice (Hosoya et al.
This phenomenon has been termed superinduction and is suggested to be due to the suppression of a posttranscriptional regulatory mechanism of interferon synthesis (Vilcek et al.
Vilcek J, Havell EA, Kohase M (1976) Superinduction of interferon with metabolic inhibitors: possible mechanisms and practical applications.
Inhibition of AHR degradation results in superinduction of AHR-inducible genes (Ma 2002).