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i]n addition to all other powers vested by this article in the supreme court, the supreme court shall have general superintendence over all courts in the state.
Banks in Chile are supervised formally by the Superintendence of Banks and Financial Institutions (SBIF) and informally by the Association of Banks and Financial Institutions.
Overhead shall include without limitation, all cost and expenses in connection with administration, management, superintendence, small tools, insurance required by Schedule A of the General Conditions and Performance and Payment Bonds.
The site of New Place, Stratford-on-Avon, the last residence of Shakespeare and the place where he died, is now undergoing a very careful examination under the superintendence of Alderman Colbourne, following the interesting discovery a few days ago of the original foundations of the house.
The first, "Insanity to Normality," explains how psychiatry evolved from a relatively low-prestige superintendence of the chronically insane to its modern incarnation as the profession entrusted to heal broken families, dysfunctional sexualities, public misbehaviors and private miseries.
676 million were reserved for direction, works and superintendence ,respectively.
779 billion and Rs 338 million were reserved for direction and superintendence respectively.
The Financial Superintendence of Colombia, through Resolution 1812 Nov.
Speaking before the select committee reviewing the Lokpal Bill, Singh also opposed the proposal of putting the CBI's anticorruption wing under the superintendence of the Lokpal, saying it would cause problems and make the agency ineffective.
These demands were delinking of Lokayuktas from Lokpal Bill, making appointment process of the Lokpal more democratic and inclusive and creation of an independent probe agency under Lokpal and bringing superintendence of corruption cases probed by the CBI under the Lokpal.

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