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Also, that candidate would be ineligible to serve if he or she works in any member town or region in the Tantasqua superintendency union .
The decision of the general superintendency will become definitive once the 15-day period lapses.
The state would be on safer ground, legally and politically, if the 2012 Legislature would place a proposal on the general election ballot abolishing the superintendency as an elective position.
13) Bank is supervised by the Colombian Superintendency of Finance ("Superintendency") on substantially the same terms and conditions as those other banks.
In As Good As It Gets he adds the case of a successful school superintendency, that of Pat Forgione in Austin, Texas, from 1999 to 2009.
Its experienced superintendents and inspectors all have a vast range of experience and expertise based on a sea-going career up to the rank of master or chief engineer, coupled with a variety of shore-based experiences from class to salvage to superintendency.
By asking this question it was my intent to identify any barriers women might face in accessing the superintendency, and then to discern what attributes female superintendents exhibited that allowed them to overcome the barriers.
In Women in the Superintendency, Dana and Bourisaw present both the historical backdrop for women's roles in the public school system as well as contemporary commentary by women themselves on their stories of navigating the murky waters of school leadership.
However, the slender margin of decision in Doucet-Boudreau did not deter the majority from lifting the lid on a Pandora's Box regarding the extent of the superintendency of the judiciary in the implementation of its rulings.
Mike Summerbell, who currently works in San Ysidro School District, will start work April 15 and then assume the superintendency on July 1.
A new law also establishes a legal framework for Web commerce and a Superintendency of Electronic Certification Services aims to protect Internet users from fraud.
Another reason women have not been able to reach the superintendency is the small percentage of female high school principals nationwide.

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