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Superintendent once more attempted to question her.
I told the Superintendent it meant that Miss Rachel's temper was upset by the loss of her jewel.
Seegrave was fast approaching the condition of a superintendent at his wits' end.
My daughter's little outbreak of temper in the "boudoir," and her readiness to think herself suspected, appeared to have produced an unfavourable impression on Superintendent Seegrave.
Superintendent made his bow, with a look in my direction, which said plainly, "Why employ me, if you are to tie my hands in this way?
Superintendent alive on a furnace, and the other women looked as if they could eat him when he was done.
The search over, and no Diamond or sign of a Diamond being found, of course, anywhere, Superintendent Seegrave retired to my little room to consider with himself what he was to do next.
I have convinced my aunt that we must have a cleverer head than Superintendent Seegrave's to help us; and I have got her permission to despatch a telegram to my father.
And yet if she had said to, the Superintendent what she said to me, fool as he is, I'm afraid " He stopped there, and left the rest unspoken.
Godfrey and Superintendent Seegrave also waiting for me on the steps.
Franklin had volunteered to take the Superintendent back to the town, from which he could telegraph to London as easily as from our station.
Half an hour before dinner-time, the two gentlemen came back from Frizinghall, having arranged with Superintendent Seegrave that he was to return to us the next day.

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