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To which the superintendent replied that he might safely trust Durham's for that--they proposed to teach these unions a lesson, and most of all those foremen who had gone back on them.
He sought out the superintendent, who smiled grimly and bade him "wait and see.
For a family in our situation, the Superintendent of the Frizinghall police was the most comforting officer you could wish to see.
The Superintendent decided to begin by examining the boudoir, and, that done, to examine the servants next.
But," said the superintendent, "as you and I have already agreed, you must begin at the bottom.
This passing coal was surely the very beginning-unless the superintendent should take it into his head to send me to work in the mines from which the coal came in order to get a completer understanding of the genesis of electricity for street railways.
The count has not left, he is here, and an order will be issued concerning you," said the superintendent of police.
In due course the superintendent stood up in front of the pulpit, with a closed hymn-book in his hand and his forefinger inserted between its leaves, and commanded attention.
Thank you, Monsieur Fouquet," said the king politely, "and I am gratified by your intention, for I love good horses; but you know I am not very rich; you, who are my superintendent of finances, know it better than any one else.
Among them there was one, however, who recognized the superintendent, and who called, "Monseigneur, ah
This man, named Emery, was the object of popular detestation, in the first place because he was superintendent of finance, and every superintendent of finance deserved to be hated; in the second place, because he rather deserved the odium which he had incurred.
Martin talked with the superintendent of the Asa agencies, and after dinner he drew him aside with Hermann, whom he backed financially for the best bicycle store with fittings in Oakland.

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