superior situation

See: advantage
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For which the astronomers (who have written large systems concerning the stone) assign the following reason: that the magnetic virtue does not extend beyond the distance of four miles, and that the mineral, which acts upon the stone in the bowels of the earth, and in the sea about six leagues distant from the shore, is not diffused through the whole globe, but terminated with the limits of the king's dominions; and it was easy, from the great advantage of such a superior situation, for a prince to bring under his obedience whatever country lay within the attraction of that magnet.
Aviation Communication & Surveillance, Phoenix - Traffic Management Computer (TMC) for superior situation awareness
Developed and produced by ITT's Electronic Systems, AIDEWS is an integrated radar warning and jamming countermeasure system providing fighter pilots with superior situation awareness and protection against radar-based threats, including modern surface-to-air and air-to-air weapon systems.
For the Boeing NewGen Aerial Refueling Tanker, ACSS will provide superior situation awareness and formation flying capability by supplying its Traffic Management Computer (TMC) with MASS and a Mode 5 IFF transponder.

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