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Yes, provided the Indian government sheds its superiority complex, deals with Pakistan on an equal footing and fully appreciates reality,'' Musharraf quoted Jinnah as having said.
He said PTI chief has disappointed the nation with his egoistic behaviour and superiority complex.
The Triple Package' comprises: an innate superiority complex ( the Chinese are a great civilisation, the Jews are the ' chosen' people); a sense of insecurity ( I am better than them, so I have to do better than them, prove it to them); and impulse control ( I will wait and get a bigger reward and true confirmation of my abilities rather than quick gratification).
Whether that is just an overflow of a Russian superiority complex or whether it reflects real errors on the part of the Iranian technicians is not known.
I'm struggling with the latest series, too, though I thought there was one funny sketch this week - featuring the couple with a superiority complex ("We are so much better than most people").
Because of a superiority complex that infuses their executive structure.
It seems that he was not only under the influence of alcohol but also under the influence of superiority complex, wealth and power.
Superiority While the sight of Messi on prime time ITV might have done more than anything to rid us of our superiority complex, it was the brilliance of Bilbao which really ought to have brought us down a peg or two.
It is not just Murray's squeaky voice and his constant attempts at wisecracks which grate, but the blatant superiority complex he brings to his presenting, treating his colleagues and the actual World Championship competitors as lesser men.
Is there any wonder therefore that many whites acquire a superiority complex, and blacks an inferiority complex and treat whites as demi-gods?
I thought that their actions might have resulted from a superiority complex.
We have such a superiority complex that we generally believe the world and its resources are there for us to do what we like with them.