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In the meantime, and for long years now, the Palestinians, the Lebanese and other Arabs have been paying unbearable prices for the Israeli superiority complex, racism and "fear" which were not caused by the Arabs.
AMERICA is a land of insularity with an innate superiority complex based solely on Hollywood's version of history and Washington's belief in the right of might.
Some believe that the best way of ending the superiority complex of "French" literature (understood as that of France) is by declaring it to be simply one among "Francophone" literatures as a whole (understood as embracing all writing of French expression).
The right-wing president , who has a reputation for blunt taking, "confirmed his superiority complex has no limits," according to Spain's ABC network.
Bandmates, fans, contemporaries - nobody's safe from Haines' withering wit and (legitimate) superiority complex.
An elitist with something of a superiority complex, Jonah is more interested in seeing sinners punished than building a loving community.
Iranians have a superiority complex because of the nation's rich history and sophistication, and an inferiority complex from belonging to a minority sect and Iran's common classification as a third-world country.
In this update of the 1999 edition, he dispels stereotypes portrayed in American popular culture due to racism, primitive ideas about evolution, images of the exotic, the Western superiority complex, and misguided missionary and development efforts.
Sure, it's obnoxious, this superiority complex, the way those Southerners are always telling you how good their league is.
In a few strokes he has sketched a lively portrait of the romantic hero's remarkable facility with languages (he learned almost a dozen in seven years], his cunning and restless spirit, his indefatigable industry and wide-ranging scholarly interests (as his writings indicate], the richness of his imagination, and his vulnerability as an imperialist with a distinct superiority complex.
The Spaniard (right) came into their eighth career meeting with a superiority complex on account of his 6-1 lead and five consecutive victories, including one last month in the French Open final.