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One who has a right to give orders; belonging to a higher grade.

A superior is someone or something entitled to command, influence, or control. In the judicial system, a superior court has general or extensive jurisdiction, as opposed to an inferior court. A superior court bears a different meaning in different states. In some states, it is a tribunal of intermediate jurisdiction between the trial courts and the chief appellate court; in other states, however, it is the name given to trial courts.

In the law of Negligence, a superior force is an uncontrollable and irresistible force that produces results that could not be avoided.

In real property, a holder of a superior estate has an Easement, or a nonpossessory interest in land, in an inferior estate.


(Excellent), adjective above average, above par, better, choice, deluxe, distinguished, exceptional, finer, first-rate, foremost, greater, high-class, high-grade, illustrious, incomparable, matchless, melior, noble, nonpareil, peerless, praestantior, preferable, preferred, seccnd to none, superexcellent, superlative, supreme, topping, transcendent, unequaled, unexcelled, unparalleled, unrivalled, unsurpassed


(Higher), adjective chief, greater, more eleeated, of greater influence, of higher rank, paramount, senior
Associated concepts: respondeat superior, superior court, superior force
See also: absolute, ascendant, best, chief, director, disdainful, dominant, employer, ideal, important, inflated, irresistible, meritorious, notable, outstanding, paramount, predominant, preferable, preferential, premium, prime, principal, prior, professional, prominent, select, special, stellar, sterling, superlative, unapproachable, valuable


in feudal law, the person from whom a person lower in the feudal chain holds his land.

SUPERIOR. One who has a right to command; one who holds a superior rank; as, a soldier is bound to obey his superior.
     2. In estates, some are superior to others; an estate entitled to a servitude or easement over another estate, is called the superior or dominant, and the other the inferior or servient estate. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1612.
     3. Of courts, some are supreme or superior, possessing in general appellate jurisdiction, either by writ of error or by appeal; 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2527; the others are called inferior courts.

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As the presacral-retrorectal space communicates superiorly with the retroperitoneal space at the level of the peritoneal reflection (S2-S3 vertebrae), it is considered its downward extension.
Employees with the best social skills are superiorly prepared to handle tricky situations involving difficult clients.
Owner Thiago Davila attributes this success to continuous dedication to quality, “We are committed to providing superiorly engineered and elegantly designed aluminum structures along with outstanding customer service.
Because she has only inherited, not lived, her cultural heritage she is superiorly placed in lamenting the loss of what she never actually possessed.
The lesion appeared as a white mass with overlying erythematous mucosa and a small ulcerated area superiorly in the left palatoglossal fold (Figure 1a & 1b).
CT showed an S3-5 anterior defect with a large anterior sacral meningocele, which had compressed and displaced the bladder superiorly.
The collection displaced the bowel to the left and inferiorly, and the liver superiorly.
But this young man Michael, Is quite happy to cycle, Because he is superiorly physiological.
If this occurs, then the fascia is retracted superiorly and the rectum is retracted inferiorly to help identify the correct dissection plane.
Trauma radiographic images were obtained and revealed other injuries including disruption of the diaphragm with abdominal contents displaced superiorly, left rib fractures with pneumothorax, pelvic fracture with hematoma, and a large hematoma anterior and superior to urinary bladder.
The real estate community has lost a beloved veteran, a superiorly skilled negotiator and a man who--through his smarts, likeability and goodwill--commanded respect from all facets of the industry.
Each team will be judged according to their robot's relevance to the theme, creativity, technical superiorly and overall presentation.