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The art features supernaturally beautiful characters, but doesn't have much in the way of backgrounds.
But then, the fantastic movements Winstone's heroic Beowulf, Crispin Glover's grotesque Grendel and Jolie's supernaturally hot Grendel's Mom make are thrilling in all kinds of ways true human physicality could never achieve.
He is immanent in the sense that he is supernaturally present to all beings and events at all times and places.
Yet those who have received the miracle of a life supernaturally changed by Christ realise that He is surely capable of anything.
I admit it's cold shivering in the draft of an open mind while trying to be a decent human being without the prospect of supernaturally induced punishment or reward, facing nothingness with whatever courage it's possible to muster.
The fantasy of being able to supernaturally punish your enemies is very compelling.
When the sacred canopy is removed, when the culture's dominant institutions are radically secularized and non-authoritarian modes of thought prevail, religion's mediating foundations (the supernaturally given inerrant Scripture, the infallible church leadership, the unambiguous originating figure) begin to shake.
From beyond the grave, Aunt Babe supernaturally counsels and guides Bernita to move on.
Although science research has challenged the notion of a "natural" order of family structures and relationships, showing that these institutions are socially constructed and culturally specific, the idea that traditional family patterns are either biologically or supernaturally determined continues to have much appeal.
The metallic luster of these acrylic forms suggests that they might even have the power to communicate with aliens and recalls the supernaturally flawless surfaces of Chicago's peer, John McCracken.
There are some things from the mind of man so perfect in their design one is tempted to say they were supernaturally inspired.
As a generative type who is sometimes supernaturally illumined in pictorial compositions, dreaming or lost in thought, symbolically identified with architecture and plants, guardian and intercessor, Joseph deserves more than a second glance.