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supra note 9, at 122-26, 130-37 (describing three forms of FATs differing in the definition of the tax base as either (1) value added computed at the firm level by application of a subtraction method value added tax (FAT 1); (2) economic rents equal to supernormal returns earned by labor and shareholders (FAT 2); or (3) returns to excessive risk taking equal to supernormal returns earned by labor and shareholders above a specified threshold (FAT 3)).
68) The eighteen transformations are a series of supernormal performances; for listings cf.
Experimental studies such as those by Tinbergen have demonstrated that it is possible to isolate and exaggerate sign stimuli, effectively producing a supernormal stimulus eliciting a supernormal response.
Supernormal stimuli; how primal urges overran their evolutionary purpose.
2 features the idea of disjunction (or nirodha, cessation) his widely overlooked third section dealing with supernormal powers (vibhutis) portrays numinous engagement with other beings in the world as part of the yogic path.
The only reason that the cycle of investigations commenced in the first place is because no-one in government had the courage to say to farmers of the day that there was no sound empirical basis to justify protests about supermarkets enjoying supernormal returns.
to take proper account of the supernormal risks and costs of
The passion to succeed and greed to earn supernormal profits marred the foresight of the professionals form estimating the risks associated with financially innovated products.
Substituting minerals can, on its own, detoxify the body Clients suffering from kryptopyrroluria (KPU) or hemopyrrollactamuria (HPU) require supernormal levels of zinc, manganese, and P5P (pyridoxaf-5-phosphate) intake.
prices down, and supernormal profits (anything above what is required to