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supernumeraries, friends and supporters of Opus Dei and their children--from upper class backgrounds who pay fees in accordance with the level of service they expect to receive: somewhat austere though beautifully decorated individual rooms for adult guests; quality food that is well prepared and elegantly served; and, all the resources needed for the exercise of meditation and reflection as covered in the Christian education classes provided.
Mixed-period costumed figures again proliferate: Ware (Goods) depicts draftsmen at work who may recall Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, or the burly supernumeraries of an Oktoberfest who somehow wandered into the canvas.
1997] observed absolute concordance in the number of supernumeraries and only small differences in position and shape.
Berger takes on each chaotic element--sitters blocking one another, the extra supernumeraries who outdo the regular company, the drummer, the misfired gun, the little girl--in a spirited dialogue with other interpreters.
Their role is really at the core of the drama, the supernumeraries finally given a voice.
Edna is part of a team of more than 40 supernumeraries whose details are kept by Birmingham Rep casting coordinator Alison Solomon.
The supernumeraries (about 70% of the members) are the least available of the members for Opus Dei activities since they are usually married or have other family commitments.
Supernumeraries, comprising about 70 percent of members, are married and live with their families.
Supernumeraries, on the other hand, who are generally married and live in private homes, are free to decide whether or not they wish to make their membership public; as an institution, Opus Dei will neither confirm nor deny someone's status.