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A wealthy supernumerary splashes his superior as he drives his tilbury to Longchamps and points with his whip to the poor father of a family, remarking to the pretty woman at his side, "That's my chief.
The Rev Roger Roberts, 79, has been a minister since 1957 and he is still an active supernumerary minister for Llandudno Politically he was president of the Welsh Liberal and later Welsh Liberal Democrats and also leader of Aberconwy Borough Council.
It is not as if there is a shortage of handsomely remunerated local councillors throughout Britain who can take the role of these supernumerary MPs: we are awash with them.
DU has five per cent seats reserved for foreign students in all its undergraduate, post- graduate and research programmes under the supernumerary quota.
com roll out a full service program including: car sending, auto maintenance and repairs, pre-purchase/pre-rental car inspection and test drive services, as well as supernumerary long-distance order and vehicle tracking.
If that is not possible, the disabled employee shall be kept on a supernumerary post until a suitable post is available or he attains superannuation.
Candidates are supernumerary during the course and are either new graduates or those with nursing experience but not in ORs.
Within two or three weeks working at the home Ms Cullen was appointed to a supernumerary role and it became her responsibilty to ensure that all care plans for patients were up to date, the hearing had heard.
While employed as a supernumerary in American Ballet Theatre's production of Giselle in San Diego, Peck was blown away by the dancers' athleticism and discipline, and immediately enrolled in classes at the California Ballet.
The Sunday morning service at Park-wood Methodist Church was led by Rev Colin Vere, a supernumerary Minister from Halifax.
It can be classified into at least four categories: 1) diagnostic dyspraxia/intermanual conflict (when one hand performs actions contrary to the other hand); 2) alien hand sign (a subjective feeling that the hand is not one's own); 3) syndrome of anarchic hand (when the affected hand performs goal-directed activity not under the will of the person); and 4) supernumerary hand (a feeling of having an extra limb) (4).