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The Super 9 tournaments and the Grand Slams will be used as a way to create standings for the players, which will be parlayed into a simplified standings system that is easier for Joe Fan to understand.
It's the contention of the non-Super 9 tournament directors that the top players will play fewer non-Super 9 tournaments because such an emphasis will be placed on performing well in the Super 9 and Grand Slam events.
The effects of the Super Highway will hit close to home as Americans begin to pay with their jobs.
And just as NAFTA trade policies have driven millions of jobs out of the United States, this Super Highway will accelerate the job exodus.
Nevertheless, to see how Super Slow compared to traditional weight training in cardiovascular demands and caloric expenditure, researchers at the University of Alabama evaluated heart rate, energy use and blood lactate levels--the product of the transformation of glucose to energy during strenuous exercise--in seven resistance-trained men in their 20s.
Anthony Cisneros, Airprotek's CEO, commented: "The appointment of Super Seer as an authorized Airprotek distributor is a significant development for our company.
Since the season began in November, roughly 60 percent of bookings have come from the Seattle Super Saver web site, representing 10,000 room nights and a record $1 million in hotel revenue.
Based on the Motorola MPC8260 PowerQUICC II processor, RPX Super provides developers and OEMs with a high-performance, production-ready, networking tool.
Through NFL Films' unparalleled access to players, coaches and all the action, the video will present an insider's look at the Rams on their extraordinary run from the pre-season drills to Super Bowl glory.
Just 23 days after Super Bowl Sunday, PolyGram Video and NFL Films will release Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII Champions, the official NFL Championship home video.
com) breaks out its coverage of Super Bowl XXXIII with an array of multimedia features which give Internet users a unique look at the Denver Broncos - Atlanta Falcons matchup.
The transaction has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies, but remains subject to regulatory approvals, approval by the shareholders of both Richfood and Super Rite and other customary closing conditions.