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As a result of this interaction, firstly, the growth of the precipitates is not so rapid as a result of the slower increase of the degree of supersaturation of the intrinsic point defects in the volume of the growing crystal and, secondly, the critical radius of formation of the carbon precipitates increases at a lower rate, and this results in more rapid growth of the carbon precipitates.
If either calcium or carbonate were to increase, the other species must fall to prevent supersaturation according to the solubility relationship for the waters' temperature.
This causes some supersaturation of solute at the liquid film-air interface and diffusion toward the solid crystal surfaces.
It has been reported that gaseous nitrogen concentrations were elevated to supersaturation levels during hypolimnetic aeration with compressed air, and some concern has been expressed over causing gas bubble disease in fish (Fast et.
Higher irradiance, thicker films, and more productive algal assemblages can create more extreme oxygen supersaturation.
The mean relative supersaturation increased significantly for calcium oxylate and uric acid at only 3 months' follow-up," Dr.
Alfred Wegener, "Frost Supersaturation (Frostubersattigung) and Cirrus," Meteorologische Zeitschrift, January-February 1920, pp.
1]), and disappeared when the water was under oxygen supersaturation conditions (afternoon samplings 665 [micro]M [O.
The supersaturation of social space with literary and visual signs demanding to be read--that is, the utter logoization of social and physical space in late capitalism--can now only be escaped by those privileged few with the means to elevate themselves out of the semiotic crush and into less noisy or attention-grabbing social space.
This solution approximated to the supersaturation with respect to hydroxyapatite found in saliva and was similar to that utilized by Ten Cate and Duijsters [1982].