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inffastructural factors have logical causal priority over structural and superstructural factors, because they constitute the fundamental means whereby human beings solve the most basic problems of human existence".
Singal, the intellectual historian who has most closely studied superstructural change in the South, claims in William Faulkner: The Making of a Modernist that, for Faulkner, writing Flags in the Dust was "the final and essential step in establishing his eventual cultural balance, enabling him at last to create a true Modernist or authorial self to counter the still vigorous Victorian sensibility with which he had been endowed" (94).
That this world was shaped more by a revitalised and information-driven form of the market than through Derrida's ideas soon became clear, and the degree to which 'high theory' was (in Jameson's words) merely a superstructural development of late capitalism rather than any real alternative to it was a vexing issue to those who had placed their hopes for radical politics entirely in the hands of French theory.
When I turned 50 I used to give out interviews and I always had to have a superstructural reason for working - 'I'm going to take sexuality in the middle ages into the movies' - that kind of narrowly articulated idea.
16) Furthermore, the geopolitical reality of late capitalism demands that postmodern culture be recognised as 'the internal and superstructural expression of a whole new wave of American military and economic domination throughout the world', if we are not to forget that today, 'as throughout class history, the underside of culture is blood, torture, death and horror'.
Distinct from but related to both "philosophy of God" and "philosophy of religious studies" is Lonergan's "model of religion," a superstructural reflection, influenced by Christian texts, on the infrastructure of "religious experience.
This difference in energy (also conditioned by the structural and superstructural constraints of the DNA) can be overcome, though with low probability, by the thermal fluctuations possible at physiological temperature and in physiological conditions: in this way, the confines of the pre-existing codified order, the barrier against "mutations," may be crossed.
11, 2001, as moderate allies of the US in the region - Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco - are keen to see the type of superstructural changes Bush envisaged in his Feb.
The radical erosion of civil liberties since the pursuit of the war on terror provides the superstructural complement to this process.
Viewed in this way, then, modernism can be seen as a late stage in the bourgeois cultural revolution, as a final and extremely specialized phase of the immense process of superstructural transformation whereby the inhabitants of older social formations are culturally and psychologically retrained for life in the market system.
18) Despite efforts to place Barnave within a tradition of materialist interpretations of history, beginning with Jaures's rediscovery of Barnave's work, (19) this fundamental text is not really an attempt to uncover economic or social structures that mechanically produce the events of the Revolution, "beneath" the superstructural activities of the revolutionaries.
The resultant JV Star Enterprise made Texaco "crude-sufficient", at least in superstructural terms, as it gained a virtually permanent access to 630,000 b/d of Saudi crude oil.