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Broers also said that PDC is 'ready to sign contracts with several players who want to come into the port', but that the completion of the superstructure would attract longer-term contracts.
Based in Fort Lee, CETEC handles concrete foundation and superstructure construction for projects in the five boroughs of New York City and surrounding area.
As we drew closer we could see that the burning ship was a bulk cargo merchant with the superstructure aft.
The five-deck superstructure was made for the pounds 12.
Just what the USTA did--named its latest superstructure after the most revered tennis player of our time, Arthur Ashe.
The first such superstructure, the PowerPC 405GP, combining a PowerPC microprocessor (clocked at up to 266MHz) with a number of complimentary features on a single chip, was launched alongside CoreConnect on Monday.
A similar swerving calls on the "difficult" concept of the relative autonomy of the superstructure, and another commonality, historical focus, is viewed almost as research style rather than principle.
The test stand was damaged twice - once in September 1990, when a crane toppled, killing a civilian worker and igniting a segment of a rocket booster, and again in April 1991, when a design flaw turned a booster into a 112-foot-tall, 770,000-pound firecracker, blowing the superstructure apart.
capitalism) creates a particular superstructure or culture which simultaneously camouflages and perpetuates the economic base.
When completed in 2009, the bridge will be only the fifth structure in the world, and the first in North America, to utilize an inclined arch superstructure.
City of Turku procurement and logistics center has asked for a mandate of Southwest Finland Regional Rescue Department offers two (2) from the base of the tanker and the role of the superstructure, as well as one (1) fire-fighting tank underbody of the car and the role of the superstructure.
Externally the concrete superstructure is covered in what the architects describe as a glaze, which when struck by light appears to glisten in the changing daylight conditions.