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Because supervisors share professional interests with their supervisees, they are likely to encounter the counselors they supervise at various workshops or other professional functions.
Modeling ethical behavior is essential if supervisors are to facilitate ethical behavior in the individuals they supervise.
Judicial bodies like the Supreme Judiciary Council (SJC), the State Council, Administrative Prosecution and State Litigation Authority agreed to delegate judges and prosecutors to supervise the referendum scheduled for 15 December.
Similarly, the Secretary Forests and Additional Secretary Development, Health Department would be responsible for Quetta district while Secretary Agriculture would supervise the campaign in Mastung district.
They understand more veterans will be using the bigger room, with plenty of wheelchair access, but they don't think the VA needs to hire more people to supervise it.
Each of these agencies will both post the FAQs on its web site and make them available to the financial institutions the agency supervises.
Program area directors also supervise program staff (waterfront, crafts, nature, etc.
A qualified nurse administrator with 24-hour responsibility should be designated to supervise the clinical services on the unit.
make it the business of the director or owner to actually supervise employees.
However, in order for sergeants to observe and supervise the ways in which officers make traffic stops, approach suspects, conduct searches, and apply handcuffs, the sergeants would have to be on the scene of these occurrences.
Kushner Properties was established in May 2003 to supervise activities within Kushner Companies' commercial portfolio.