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Administrative supervisors can limit their legal liability in this area by consistently providing the counselors they supervise with feedback and by providing opportunities for the counselors to correct mistakes (Remley & Herlihy).
They must behave ethically and value ethical behavior in the individuals they supervise.
On Sunday, the Judges' Club announced their refusal to supervise the referendum in response to President Mohamed Morsy's recent constitutional declaration.
Moreover, the Provincial Secretary for Social Welfare department would supervise the campaign in Kalat district and Secretary Higher Education would be responsible for Killa Saifullah district.
A few words from the camp director go a long way, especially for those I do not directly supervise.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Caremark International said today federal officials who have recognized the need to compensate doctors for home care case management should take the next logical step and extend that policy to doctors who supervise home infusion patients.
However, many traditional contract therapy companies are ill-equipped to meet the needs of a subacute program which, at a minimum, require: 1) full-time staffing at the facility, 2) an on-site rehabilitation manager who can function at the level of a department head and supervise an interdisciplinary team, 3) a partnership approach with the facility that will commit necessary resources for program development, marketing, financial planning and customer service and, 4) a commitment to working within an interdisciplinary environment.
Kushner Properties was established in May 2003 to supervise activities within Kushner Companies' commercial portfolio.
The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved hiring 18 new police lieutenants who would supervise LAPD gang units to prevent the sort of corruption that occurred in the Rampart scandal.
Today, managers in all agencies--no matter the size--are more likely to supervise minorities and females.
CSBS has now accredited 45 of the nation's 54 state banking departments; these agencies supervise more than 95 percent of all assets in state-chartered banks around the country.
For prudential reasons, the Board would have to provide one-time approval for a banking organization to initiate such investments, and the Board could supervise and regulate this activity, as well as require divestiture if it concluded such action was necessary to preserve the safety and soundness of the insured depository subsidiaries.