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He made the leap to directing, with the apex of his Disney career coming when he served as supervising director for the 1959 masterpiece Sleeping Beauty.
It is being developed by exec producer Chris Sonnenburg ("Enchanted"), who will serve as supervising director, and Shane Prigmore ("The Lego Movie"), who is co-exec producer and creator-director.
Getting a no from the supervising director was heartbreaking, albeit it was my fault.
Two of the defendants hold secretary general positions in the Eastern Province, the third is a director of maintenance and operations, while the fourth is the supervising director for the municipality's construction and projects agency.
Elder brother Matthew, 28, is now working as supervising director in Los Angeles on hit animation Sanjay and Craig, which follows the life of a 12-yearold and his talking pet snake.
In addition, the boxset includes a 68-page production journal with concept designs, original sketches and notes from Supervising Director Dave Filoni.
Book and lyrics by Jeanie Linder, supervising director Seth Greenleaf, supervising choreographer Daria Melendez.
Simon Brentford, 33, the supervising director of UK Pro Base, organised the event.
Today, he's the supervising director on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," both the computer-animated film opening Friday and the series debuting this fall on Cartoon Network.
Selick, who joined the company as supervising director in May 2004, said that LAIKA projects in the works include a buddy comedy, a ghost story, a mystical fairy tale and an alternate universe crime story.
told Page that it was okay for Alan Schneider to direct the play so long as he--Strasberg--could be there at all times as supervising director, sort of eminence grise.
It is directed by Didier Pourcel, also from France, and overseen in Canada by supervising director Alan Best, using the very latest in 3-D computer-animation techniques, including motion-capture technology and Maya software to create movements and skin tones that are exceptionally realistic looking.

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