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While looking for an answer to the question of what E-P supervision is du Plock (2009) conducted qualitative research which revealed that it is particularly important that the supervisor's presence in the supervision process must be manifested in a non-directive and non-judging attitude.
Until now academic supervision studies in Lithuania in the context of psychology/psychotherapy have not been carried out.
Please remember one specific supervision where you were a SUPERVISEE andfelt that you were in an existential-phenomenological supervision.
Please describe in detail your experience in this supervision.
The literature on the integration of Christian faith or Christian spirituality and clinical supervision has been limited or sparse, but recently some significant contributions have been made in a special issue of the Journal of Psychology and Christian clinical supervision edited by Jamie D.
The crucial role of clinical supervision in learning therapy skills (e.
The need to pay more attention to spirituality and religion in clinical supervision in general has been emphasized in recent years in the literature on clinical supervision (e.
It is important and appropriate therefore to focus on the crucial role of clinical supervision in developing integration skills in students and trainees The present article reviews several models for conducting integrative or Christian clinical supervision, with a focus on developing integration skills in students and trainees in five major aspects of areas of integration: presuppositional, theoretical, intervention, therapeutic relationship, and personal (Gingrich & Worthington, 2007,p.
Within the field of counseling and psychotherapy, clinical supervision has only recently been recognized as a specialty in its own right (Bernard & Goodyear, 1998).
Berger & Buchholz, 1993; Bernard, 1994) have emphasized the importance of preparing mental health counseling (MHC) students to receive supervision and have provided suggestions for such preparation.
The purpose of this manuscript is to empower MHC students, who are entering their first practicum, by providing information and practical strategies for embracing the possibilities and avoiding the pitfalls of receiving supervision, that is, for getting the most out of their clinical supervision experiences.
Self-assessment of one's interest in and motivation for receiving supervision is a logical first step in preparing for the supervision experience.

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