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Board Chairman Zev Yaroslavsky said the supervisors have invested more than $250 million in the $2.
Collaboration among practicing school counselors, supervisors of school counseling programs, counselor educators, state-level school counseling specialists, and leaders of school counseling professional organizations is required to ensure that the transformation of school counseling is realized.
In spite of a bright and enthusiastic group of potential supervisors, limited management experience existed in the agency.
The citizens of Los Angeles County are threatening to go to the ballot box to remove the supervisors who voted for this.
Unfortunately, some physician executives may make decisions to undertake activities that are not aligned with the goals of their supervisors.
The Readiness Hierarchy Theory may be a useful conceptual lens for supervisors working with practica students or interns as they struggle for self efficacy.
Wisconsin state law requires county offices to have processes in place to save e-mails containing county business and make them available for public viewing, but apparently Ozaukee County supervisors never got the memo.
More must be done to educate and train supervisors to do their job well, especially in developing and transitional economies in which these activities are often given short shrift in terms of funding and support.
This paper will explore the role of supervisors and administrators as instructional leaders in their schools in the formation and support of programs aimed at the integration of instructional technology.
Although the framework sets forth many details, it allows national supervisors a degree of discretion in adopting the standard to its specific institutions and markets.
In addition, it provides an opportunity to communicate with supervisors and camp administration, to voice opinions, to be heard and respected, to eat breakfast treats, and to have a chance to bond.
Managers and supervisors are now expected to stay in the communication loop when a member of their team is injured on the job.

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