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A moment later, as she was lifted and placed supine across the altar's top, hope left her entirely, and she trembled in an agony of fright.
I said to Fyne, mistrusting the supine attitude of the dog:
I spared him my exhortations and fruitless efforts at conversion too, for I saw it was all in vain: God might awaken that heart, supine and stupefied with self-indulgence, and remove the film of sensual darkness from his eyes, but I could not.
Tarzan stretched back luxuriously, lying supine at full length along the rough hide.
Billy, who from his supine position had been looking up at her, studying and pleasuring in the pointed oval of her woman's face, reached his hand out slowly as he murmured:
We got up and went out on the verandah, leaving the supine stranger to be dealt with by the Chinamen.
The objectives of this pilot study were: (1) to construct a feasible MRO protocol for performing POP assessments in 3 positions (supine, seated, standing) and (2) to evaluate the change of bladder position using MRO and reference lines for subjects with and without bladder prolapse in supine, seated and weight-bearing standing positions.
Similar to Case 1, no mass was clinically palpated with the patient erect, but a parotid fullness was noted when the patient was supine.
The manufacturer-recommended spreader bar (either 8- or 10-point) was used for each of the respective supine slings.
associate professor in U-M's Sleep Disorders Center, said that although this study was conducted in a maternity hospital in Ghana-a country that has high perinatal mortality-a recent case-control study from New Zealand also found a link between maternal supine sleep and stillbirth.
Rigler's sign was first described in 1941 by L G Rigler as a new radiological sign for recognising free air in the peritoneal cavity on supine radiograph.
The bridging exercises on the 3 surfaces in supine and prone position are presented in Figure 1.