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SIR - The general public appear to accept, quite supinely, the attitude of British management to employ the least number of people as possible in every supermarket and call centre with the result that we, the customers, stand in queues or hang on the telephone for half an hour, as if this was some kind of efficiency.
By colluding with the Tory spin machine, they are supinely allowing them to dictate the news agenda.
Religion can make us carelessly optimistic, supinely parochial, or self-righteously violent.
After 10-12 hours of fasting, the total body fat of each subject was measured using the GE Prodigy direct digital DEXA bone densitometry (GE Healthcare, USA) with the subject was lying supinely.
It will be supinely "going along," and it will assure that physician of "getting along.
But in this, as in so much, my party supinely goes along with a right-wing, illiberal Government.
Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?
In order to cure the peptic ulcer, make a cup of thick tea of camomile (4 teaspoons of camomile in a glass of boiled water or 4 tea bags of camomile in a glass of boiled water) and drink it as the breakfast and then lie supinely and sleep after 4 minutes.
If the government is determined to turn our country into a wasteland and local authorities are supinely following suit, then we face a vicious circle of cuts, job losses and business failures.