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Internal structure: [V] feature checking in de supines
Internal structure: [D] feature checking in de supines
De supines as sentential complements behave differently from de supines as prepositional adjunct phrases (PP) in that the former cannot embed a DP (see example [2b]).
This section will show that the presence of supines in tough constructions as in (2) follows naturally from the analysis of de supines proposed in section 3.
So, any analysis of de supines in tough constructions must take into consideration the pattern of verb restructuring in the language.
This is important for de supines, since they also lack an inflectional domain, so it is expected that the mechanism for clause union will be different from the one proposed for other Romance languages (e.
To conclude, lack of agreement marks on the predicative adjective in de supines indicates that the adjective merges in a position that is not accessible to checking from matrix T.
Hence, the [N] feature of supines becomes uninterpretable and needs syntactic checking.
The combination of [+V], [+N] features as well as the checking configuration in CP make the supines an optimal complement in environments with restructuring between a verb and an adjective of the tough class.
1) This contrast arises between past participles used independently, as in small clauses like (i), versus supines, like (ii).