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The Yayoi culture, marked by weaving, metalworking, and, most important, the farming of rice, soon supplanted that of the Jomon.
Just as machines have largely supplanted physical labor, computers will largely supplant intellectual work; jobs will be fewer and generally meaningless.
On appeal, Coopers argued that, as an independent auditor, it was required to verify its client's transactions were presented in accordance with GAAP and that its duty to the public supplanted the duty it owed to the company.
The current cooler modules are to be supplanted by individual cooler modules.
20 are part of efforts by city officials and business owners to bring more vitality to downtown Lancaster, supplanted by newer shopping centers in Lancaster and in Palmdale in recent years.
Selected in a bidding process by the City of Hackensack to redevelop an entire square block of Essex Street plagued by aging buildings, lack of parking, and limited potential for economic growth, Alfred Sanzari Enterprises supplanted four obsolete buildings with a state-of-the-art medical office building.
The collective "we" has supplanted the individualistic "I," and all ideas not held universally are suspect.
and Mexico will be supplanted by a new political entity called "Republica del Norte.
I thought it sweet that the peaceful "dove" had supplanted the aggressive rooster of American slang.
As for the actual choreography, acrobatic slickness often supplanted invention, with Maurice Bejart and MTV exerting a discernible influence.
Gender" has supplanted "sex" in official communiques, but few people realise what the change implies.