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The USB-IF's Ziller does not foresee OTG supplanting Bluetooth but rather envisions portable devices that support both technologies.
For the second consecutive month and the third time this year, the deficit with China was the largest with any nation, further evidence of how China is supplanting Japan as the primary source of trade tension for the United States.
So impressed was head coach Bobby Ross that Jones will make his first NFL start, supplanting third-year player Andre Coleman, when San Diego visits Indianapolis today.
Further conversions will include supplanting the customer's support production team to enable their experienced technologists to move into an SAP direct development effort.
The on-line companies have moved quickly in recent months to join the two camps - supplanting costly moves to buy or develop browsers of their own.
Free played its final concert in Florida that year with Osibisa's Wendell Jones supplanting Kossoff (who would pass away three years later).
The Golden Bears are the new favorites in the Pac-10, recently supplanting the likes of Arizona, Washington State and Stanford.
This pending achievement will give Power Technology the ability to demonstrate an environmentally friendly, powerful, light weight battery aimed at supplanting the lead-acid battery marketplace.
Supplanting the traditional PC systems of a year ago, the first fully integrated voice mail and Voice-over-IP gateway systems have arrived.
Windows NT is gaining momentum and rapidly penetrating the UNIX domain, in many cases supplanting UNIX in client/server environments," said Bob Bessin, director of marketing at SMART Corp.
As the Internet becomes a supplanting technology there are going to be abundant opportunities in the derivative after-markets for tools," said Bob Davoli, general partner at Sigma.