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One species of charlock will supplant another, and so in other cases.
I mean the injustice of endeavouring to supplant another in a heart of which he seems already in possession; but the determined resolution of Mr Western shows that, in this case, I shall, by so doing, promote the happiness of every party; not only that of the parent, who will thus be preserved from the highest degree of misery, but of both the others, who must be undone by this match.
McManaman and Clarke, wherein it is stated "Although this document makes no mention of the 1968 Winnipeg Statement, we would argue that since a pastoral response is one that bears upon a particular people, situated in a particular place at a particular time in history, Liberating potential supplants the Winnipeg Statement, rendering it obsolete, especially in light of the fact that a great deal of information is available to us today that was not available back in 1968.
The page as overpainted by Ernst, then, not only obscures but supplants the blackboard advertised in the teaching-aids catalogue--with Ernst's work thereby presenting itself, especially when published as the frontispiece to Eluard's Repetitions, as the object of a renovated perception and, as such, an apparatus of a new kind of pedagogy.
Though more than a little rough around the edges, Common Sense Not Required will appeal to anyone who has ever worked at an automaker or other company where the bureaucracy supplants the buyer as the final customer in the minds of middle management.
This new section supplants "Capital Edge" and will feature in-depth news and analysis about how information is used within several arenas, including legislative, international, legal, and politics.
The recolonization of Bankside Power Station to house Tate Modern is a singular and visionary project that supplants obsolete heavy industry with contemporary culture.
Any law that supplants Miranda will have to offer some safeguards against forced confessions; in fact, whether the defendant was read his rights is one of the criteria set down in U.
Ortelius supplants a long line of other philosophers credited with formulating the idea of continental drift.