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Supplementary feeding refers to infants who were breastfed and received additional formula supplements.
Farmers on SSSI land must contact the Countryside Council for Wales before undertaking supplementary feeding.
Our results allow us to provide recommendations regarding how to optimise the future management of specific supplementary feeding stations for the management and conservation of the cinereous vulture.
Effects of the creation of a supplementary feeding station for the conservation of Egypttian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) population in Andalucia (southern Spain), in: Donazar, J.
This will inevitably reflect in rising costs of production in terms of securing additional supplies of fodder, if it is available and supplementary feeding costs in general will be heavier.
When a crisis compromises food production in nations, such as Malawi, nongovernmental organizations and international agencies often respond with supplementary feeding targeted to vulnerable children, hoping to prevent severe malnutrition and excess mortality.
Supplementary feeding of maize meal went to 41,000 severely malnourished children in 15 of the 27 districts affected by the crisis and this is expected to continue for the next six months.
supplementary feeding Programs for the management of moderately malnourished children in the displaced camps.
Begin supplementary feeding of early pricked-out subjects and keep an eye out for pests and diseases, treating at the very first signs.
After discussing the issue of who should feed the newborn, medical writers commonly turned to questions of how often infants should be fed, when supplementary feeding of pap and solid foods should begin, and when and how weaning should be undertaken.
Consequently, in May 1989, relief agencies implemented a dry supplementary feeding program in Hartisheik A camp for all children <5 years of age.
Our campaign to alleviate poverty continues as we strengthen our social protection mechanism which include conditional cash transfer, social pension for indigent senior citizens, and supplementary feeding programs," Roque said.

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