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Pleasant had an eye for sailors, and she noticed the unused colour and texture of the hands, sunburnt though they were, as sharply as she noticed their unmistakable loosneness and suppleness, as he sat himself down with his left arm carelessly thrown across his left leg a little above the knee, and the right arm as carelessly thrown over the elbow of the wooden chair, with the hand curved, half open and half shut, as if it had just let go a rope.
Even the most basic poses will help to improve your stamina, suppleness and concentration.
During the ballet lessons Darren uses a large rubber ball instead of a barre and a series of stretches to improve suppleness.
Petroff was so struck by George's natural suppleness and talent that he immediately put the boy on scholarship.
The trainer is also presumably paid a vast wad of cash for inflicting unspeakable agonies on those with more money than suppleness.
Suppleness, an improved mind and body, and other related goodness will hopefully come in time.
This alumna of Petit's star factory displayed all one could want--insolent extension and superhuman suppleness, eloquent pointe work, an ideally proportioned body, and a gift for emotional truth with every gesture.
It should be applied morning and night, to help regain suppleness and firmness.
At last, something positive (again) is to be done about the size, shape and suppleness of - me
At her second, she revealed an extra suppleness and abandon in the lifts and a more expressive set to the head that went beyond polished dancing.
She stunned the audience with her show of suppleness, which she says is the result of a lifetime of keeping fit.
It forms a protective layer over the hair shaft which improves the flexibility and suppleness of hair.