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Industry executives pointed out that fearing disorder might happen to its supply chain because of unexpected supply suspension at one suppler, Apple has in recent years asked its components suppliers to spread contract manufacturing sources.
Location and navigation products and services suppler TomTom (AEX:TOM2) announced on Friday an agreement with the government of Basque Country whereby evaluation of traffic conditions in the region will be possible through use of the Custom Travel Times product.
Precious Almond Oil cares for dry skin, leaving it noticeably suppler.
BID TO PRIVATISE NHS SUPPLER IS DEFEATED UNIONS have claimed victory over a campaign to prevent parts of the NHS blood and organ transplant service which serve North Wales being privatised.
Navis TubeTex is the preferred machinery suppler for shrinkage control in Turkey over other machinery companies because we are able to delivery superior machinery that performs as we promise.
4 mm) from the cylinder bores, and the role the component has played in the company's succes as the majority suppler of its cylinder blocks for the NASCAR sector.
Software Toolbox, a suppler of industrial automation software, has released a new version of the OPC Data Logger, the company said yesterday.
of North Little Rock as a suppler, then Blackwell would get a lower rate for petroleum for resale, the lawsuit said.
Specifically, GMA is asking Congress to consider the following proposals: -- Require every food importer of record to implement a foreign suppler quality assurance program based upon FDA guidance and subject to FDA review.
The result is a softer, suppler gloving category than standard latex gloves.
Wild West China: The Taming Of Xinjiang by journalist Christian Tyler is the story of how the Communists have developed this one time untamed wilderness through the development of a penal colony, as a buffer against invasion, and as a suppler of raw materials and living space.
We are already well known as the major suppler of a range of temperature solutions ranging from frozen and chilled storage, through to I.