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Supplex stripe vest with hidden support, pounds 10, and Supplex yoga pants, pounds 14, both from George at Asda.
WELL COLLARED: Joe looks good in Supplex jacket, pounds 45, teamed with blue- faced steel watch, pounds 50
And they're made of a premium supplex nylon-Lycra blend that won't tear, run or ride up as you move like comparably priced polyester spandex products.
4 Prima Soft's supplex camisole leotard in mint julep, $36
While George at ASDA offers a Supplex stripe stripe vest with hidden support, pounds 10, and yoga pants at pounds 14.
When choosing these styles look for a lycra or supplex mix in the fabric for best results.
The Audrey Hepburn style relies on evening-wear silhouettes with one-shoulder or cross-back designs that fit like a glove, thanks to lycra, supplex and microfiber techno-fabrics, Hart added.
You will also find that some of these fabrics, especially Ultrex-coated Supplex Nylon, feel remarkably soft and pliable for waterproof textiles.
With a business presence in over 20 countries, INVISTA's global businesses deliver exceptional value for their customers through technology innovations, market insights and a powerful portfolio of global trademarks including: ADI-PURE, ANTRON, AVORA, C12(TM), COMFOREL, COOLMAX, CORDURA, CORFREE, DACRON, DBE, DYTEK, FRESHFX, LYCRA, PERFORMA (TM), POLARGUARD, POLYSHIELD, POLYCLEAR, SOLARMAX, STAINMASTER, SUPPLEX, SUPRIVA (TM), TACTEL, TACTESSE, TERATE, TERATHANE and THERMOLITE.
Prima Soft's supplex soft lycra footed tights in ballet pink #102; $13.
For children, the newest collection of swimwear is Mickey's Stuff for Kids featuring Disney's Mickey and Minnie Mouse on quick-dry supplex nylon and Lycra bathing suits, inner-tubes, child-sized fishing equipment and sunglasses.
With the introduction of high-tech fabrics like Supplex in the 1990s, the world of dancewear and athletic gear took a step closer.