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A aparicao delas diante do templo de Demeter, onde estava Etra para realizar o sacrificio em homenagem a deusa pelo momento favoravel a Atenas, demonstra claramente esse projeto, pois "the suppliants may pollute the sacrifice and the earth of Athens with their colors, their boughs, and their emotions" (SMITH, 1967, p.
Tzanetou frequently considers the plays with comparison to the funeral oration, an Athenian panegyric genre that includes suppliant narratives within the framework of hegemonic discourse.
The suppliant feels woefully deficient, but her God remains omnipotent and will answer in his own time, as is intimated perhaps in the blank pages that conclude the journal and then O'Connor's strange drawing (95) of a treble staff and a base staff, with notation of three-quarter time, but then three half notes in each clef.
Entitled "Les Suppliants Paralleles," this piece begins with two texts printed in parallel columns.
Orestes holds in one hand a pious suppliants branch, in the other a bloody sword.
For example: Aeschylus' Persians tells of the homecoming of Darius after his defeat by the Athenian led forces at Salamis (861-862); Suppliants relates the return of the daughters of Danaus, a descendent of Jo, to their ancestral land of Argos threatening a war between Egypt and Greece (15-16); Agamemnon depicts the effects of the Trojan War on Argos and the disastrous nostos of Agamemnon himself (810-854); in Seven Against Thebes, Polynices returns home at the head of an invading army intent on sacking his city and seizing power from his brother (39-68).
His father's premature death by drowning, combined with Marvell's still mysterious dismissal from his position as Cambridge fellow soon thereafter, put paid to any hopes for an ecclesiastical or academic career, throwing him into the almost permanent position of suppliant.
The epiphany reminds the mortal that he has been seeing things wrongly and needs a new perspective; Lucius needs to move under the protection of providence, the Jewish suppliant needs to pay close attention to God's law.
Regan's possession is, then, an analogy for the rise of the modern female as seen through the eyes of men evolving from weak, suppliant girls into independent and monstrous women.
Ian Storey's volume on Euripides' Suppliant Women is the nineteenth volume in the Duckworth Companions to Greek and Roman Tragedy series.
There are classical examples too: Xenophon uses it in the Cyropaedia when Gobryas offer himself as a suppliant to Cyrus (4.