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Entitled "Les Suppliants Paralleles," this piece begins with two texts printed in parallel columns.
Laughton's feted position is, in other words, dependent on her aesthetic accomplishment reflecting back to the male poet-critic his own narcissistically gratifying investment in the woman as decorative, fragrant, and suppliant.
The concept that the suppliant has behaved in ways suitable to a wild beast, rather than a human, is also found in 4 Ezra.
But instead of requesting in a gentle tone, befitting his stance as a Gentile suppliant, Antonio demands a loan in a tone of truculent contempt, confident that the mercenary Shylock would not shy from this opportunity for profit.
It conflates an accepted form of a dramatic work--the suppliant drama--with a play that seeks to understand the violence of temporary insanity (Griffiths 2006: 46-47, 62).
Shylock does speak with unconscious irony, though, when he compares Antonio to a "fawning publican," which to Shakespeare's Christian audience would be a clearly favorable reference to the suppliant publican in St.
Her "My lord, a suppliant at your feet" was lovely.
In contrast, the plaintiff accused the defendant's son of going "au devant et dernier la maison du suppliant .
Aeschylus, volume 1, Suppliant Maidens, Persians, Prometheus, Seven against Thebes (Loeb Classical Library).
Are you not ashamed to look at me here at your feet, a suppliant to you, yourself shameful?
De facon que Galinides transporte extremement se pose de genoux devant elle exclamant: O deesses Venus et Pallas pardonnez moy si je porte l'honneur et veneration que je vous doy a celle pucelle en qui vous avez voz graces si largement infuses: puis luy imposant nom forme des deux deitez, je t'adore (dit il) terrestre Palla-venus, te suppliant exaucer d'orenavant mes veux et accorder mes devotes requestes.