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EAP authentication are done in supplicant, mesh authenticator and mesh distributor
The CEOs may kowtow in more plush surroundings than other supplicants, but their position is just the same.
Supplicant igitur ut impedimento huiusmodi non obstante in eorum matrimonio procedere possint dispensare dignemini>>.
The old assumption about creditworthy borrowers having ready access to capital has changed to one of the corporate treasurer as a supplicant, pleading for a loan.
Remember, sometimes it's better to be a supplicant than to be right.
The memorial, we are assured, is not designed for thoughtless acts of tourism, but is meant to unfold a processional narrative," to inspire the penitential supplicant with its "spiritual, contemplative character.
This is truly supplicant diplomacy of a base, nauseating kind,'' the commentary said.
But he admits that Australia remains the supplicant in the international movement of venture funding: "The only hurdle at the moment is not enough capital to go around for all the deals.
Two such themes and their unfolding genealogies seem especially important to Major's poem - the theme of the black supplicant and that of the powerful black man at arms.
43) Mary did not remove suffering, but somehow enabled the supplicant to feel secure in the midst of terror.
The date is best sought between 538 and 515 BCE and evidence points to the supplicant as being a prince of the governing Davidic house.
He has little patience with those who have erected shrines in which medicine is practiced and the patient need be only a willing supplicant.