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What is implied here is before the tasleem, so if he supplicates in the sujood or at the end of the prayer, for himself, his parents or the Muslims, there is no harm (in this) for what is mentioned of the generalness of these ahadith and other than them.
For verily each of the two people who meet each other supplicates for the other for safety from evils, and mercy, and blessing that brings about every good.
A pilgrim wears a face mask as he supplicates at the Jamarat in Mina.
Mahsun E[currency]amgil, who is suffering from rare disease of Acromegaly, supplicates for help as his hands and a leg coarsens continuously.
Time is over now that Pakistan supplicates India " please come to negotiation table and let us talk" as India does not want to talk now.
He then supplicates to the Christian God and is saved from certain death.