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But re- member -- ah, good friend, I implore thee remember my supplication, and do the blessed sun no hurt.
But all in vain; Catherine felt herself to be in the right, and though pained by such tender, such flattering supplication, could not allow it to influence her.
The spectacle of this wicked creature pouring out supplications, evil ones no doubt, to the arch enemy of mankind, was so uncanny that it caused us to hasten our inspection.
Watson read prayers in an impressive manner, and the supplications thundered out in his loud voice as though they were threats personally addressed to each boy.
She had never met with such treatment before, and she did not know with what weapons to break down the terrible wall of resistance offered her by one who, by virtue of youth and beauty and sex, should have been all tears and supplications.
He knew that his doom was sealed--that no supplications would avail to temper the severity of his end and so he wasted no breath in pleadings; but waited patiently in the firm conviction that his sufferings could not endure forever.
Shrieks, curses, commands, supplications filled the air.
Ralph took no notice of these supplications, but sat for three or four minutes in a brown study, looking thoughtfully at the person from whom they proceeded.
Jones at length yielded to the earnest supplications of Partridge, and both together made directly towards the place whence the light issued.
In spite of my supplications, they drew no nearer in, and what frightened me most of all, the new man tee-hee'd with laughter as he talked and looked at me.
92, bawling through the keyhole supplications to the person within.
Then came interviews, mysterious conversations, exhortations, entreaties, supplications, even tears--would you believe it, even tears?