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SUPPLIES, Eng. Law. Extraordinary grants to the king by parliament, to supply the exigencies of the state. Jacob's Law Dict. h.t.

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In the United States, natural gas supplies have been squeezed as well.
Because these supplies will be subject to VAT in the country of consumption, the Eighth and Thirteenth Directives should be amended to facilitate recovery and the rules for recovering VAT in the Member States should be harmonised to ensure consistent treatment.
East Palestine, OH Lancaster Foundry Supply Co, Lancaster, PA Mc Englevan Furnace Mfg, 700 Griggs St, Danville, IL 61832 (217)446-0941 Midvale Industries Inc, St Louis, MO Milchap Products, Milwaukee, WI Moninger Fdy Supplies Inc, river Grove, IL New York Sand & Facing Co, Brooklyn, NY Perry Supply Inc, Birmingham, AL Porter Warner Industries Inc, Chattanooga, TN Rice Industries Inc, Shoreview, MN Springfield Facing Corp, Westfield, MA Thiem/Div of Acme/Borden, Oak Creek, WI Wall Colmonoy Corp, Madison Heights, MI Weaver MAterial Service Inc, Po Box 1151 204 W Fourth St, Jamestown, NY 14702-1151 (716)664-5315 Western Industrial Supply Co, PO Box 1429, Tualatin, OR 97062 (503)692-9212 Wolverine Foundry Supply Co, 1109 Decker Road, Walled Lake, MI 48088 (313)669-4211
Synchronizing the flow of required supplies from factory to foxhole is clearly the logistics imperative, and these two organizations can ensure that the objective is met for the supply chains for which DLA has been designated EA authority.
This is an indication that the parties have agreed on each other's obligations to make supplies at the time the agreement is entered into in 1994.
Before and during the recent Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, DoD policy called for TRANSCOM to deliver supplies and troops into overseas combat theaters, leaving responsibility to reorder and transport supplies for frontline units to combat commanders, Dail said.
Advantest Corporation supplies testers and handlers for flash, logic, memory and mixed signal devices.
hospitals indicates that while many have disaster plans in place, they may exhaust their inventory of critical supplies within a couple of weeks.
offering solutions encompassing procurement of common medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, physician preference supplies, and capital equipment.
In addition, MedAssets offers the only technology enabled system that links supply cost data with charge data to ensure accurate charges and defendable markups for all patient identifiable supplies, including costly medical devices.
ATLANTA -- Building on its unique position as a market leader in both supply chain and revenue cycle management, MedAssets announces CrossWalk(TM) -- healthcare's first technology-enabled solution that manages all patient-identifiable supplies automatically, continuously and seamlessly to improve implant-item service line margins.
Alphasem supplies die sort and die attach equipment