supply money

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Fundraisers and grants are one answer to the supply money dilemma; however, choice teachers have many other options for creating a vibrant studio on a shoestring budget.
I think television has been great for the game because it's helped supply money to improve facilities," Bellotti said.
That is part of the plan, if you are getting the Government cutting your supply money, you have got to cut your cloth accordingly.
government credit cards supply money and credit without limit to the U.
O'Regan said he sent a letter to the bishop introducing himself and asking whether the prelate would be willing to supply money for a scholarship.
Rai, who has denounced states that supply money and weapons to both the Assad regime and its opponents, is the first Maronite patriarch to visit Syria since Syrian and Lebanese independence seven decades ago.
Those whose hard earned money, which is being used to supply money to keep the system going, are penalised.
Prosecutor Andrew Edis QC, opening the case for the Crown on day two of a sentencing hearing, said: "Mr Khan, the prosecution say, reveals his intention to supply money and people to something which he describes in this as an existing set-up.
They supply money and smuggle in weapons to our people so that we kill one another.
The securities regulator in Venezuela has said that the government would not use its reserves to supply money to the market.
You can never, ever trust a tribe unless you supply money at every twist and turn.
It's not as if the market didn't welcome the BOJ's move at all because we can still expect some impact as the central bank is set to supply money," said Yutaka Miura, a senior technical analyst at Mizuho Securities.

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