supply support

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Supply support includes the development of technical documentation the identifies the parts required to support the maintenance philosophy.
General Dynamics will be responsible for the management and facilitation of the Supply Support Activity for the Southwest Asia region, which conducts and sustains military operations and activities throughout the region.
NANA's Sivuniq and Akima Logistic Services will work together to provide logistics management, engineering and supply support services at Fort Greely, Alaska and in Huntsville, Ala.
The RIRO program permits an FMS customer, with an existing Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement FMS case in place, to order repairable components from the Navy supply system on an exchange basis.
The mission of the Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP) is to provide program and supply support for the weapons systems that keep Naval forces mission ready.
John Crane, the specialist leak-proof seals division of TI Group, has won a contract with BP Amoco worth an potential pounds 35 million over five years to supply support at the oil giant's sites throughout the world.
It depends on which way the wind is blowing," says Wayne Barrett, Power Supply Support Engineer.
In industries where it's difficult to find skilled people - such as engineering - there's more willingness to supply support.
2Is, an engineering technical services and enterprise software application company focused on providing affordable supply support innovation to the Department of Defense and its industrial partners, reported a three-year growth rate of 883.
Materials Supply Support electromechanical type MWM D 232 V12 for Signature Framework ConventionFour (4) Years Total P / Y 1 600 000 EUR (400 000 EUR per year) (excluding VAT).
While our mission is straightforward--to provide Navy, Marine Corps, Joint and Allied Forces program and supply support for the weapon systems that keep our Naval forces mission ready--our business is big, complex, and crucial to our nation's defense.
Funding is used to purchase packaging materials and tools, pay for labor, and provide installation supply support activity personnel with asset protection instruction and formal military packaging training.