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As a verb, furnishing funds or means for maintenance; to maintain; to provide for; to enable to continue; to carry on. To provide a means of livelihood. To vindicate, to maintain, to defend, to uphold with aid or countenance.

As a noun, that which furnishes a livelihood; a source or means of living; subsistence, sustenance, maintenance, or living.

Support includes all sources of living that enable a person to live in a degree of comfort suitable and befitting her station in life. Support encompasses housing, food, clothing, health, nursing, and medical needs, along with adequate recreation expenses. Most states impose a legal duty on an individual to support his or her spouse and children.


Child Support.


(Assistance), noun accommodation, aid, assist, assistance, auxilium, backing, contribution, cooperation, defense, encouragement, endowment, help, helping hand, lift, livelihood, mainstay, maintenance, patronage, preservation, promotion, relief, subsistence, succor, subsidium, sustenance, upkeep
Associated concepts: alimony, child support, failure to prooide support, inadequate support, maintenance


(Corroboration), noun affirmation, approval, attestation, authentication, backing, certification, confirmation, documentation, endorsement, fortification, justification, ratification, strengthening, validation, verification, vindication


(Assist), verb accommodate, adesse, aid, back, bolster, champion, come to the defense of, come to the help of, contribute, cooperate with, defend, endorse, feed, finance, furnish funds, further, help, lend money to, maintain, minister to, nourish, patronize, protect, provide for, reinforce, second, subsidize, suffragari, supply the necessities of, sustain, take care of, take the part of, uphold
Foreign phrases: Parentum est liberos alere atiam nothos.It is the duty of parents to support their children even when illegitimate.


(Corroborate), verb accredit, affirm, attest, authenticate, back up, bear out, buttress, certify, confirm, establish, make absolute, make good, make more certain, prove, ratify, reinforce, strengthen, substantiate, sustain, uphold in evidence, validate, verify, vindicate, vouch for


(Justify), verb account for, approve, defend, defend successfully, explain, give grounds for, make deeense for, make legitimate, provide justification, say in deeense, stand up for, vindicate
See also: abet, abettor, accept, accommodate, accommodation, adhere, adhesion, advantage, advocacy, advocate, agree, aid, alimony, allegiance, allow, approval, approve, assist, assistance, attest, auspices, authorize, backing, base, basis, bear, behalf, benevolence, bolster, bulwark, capitalize, care, certification, charity, charter, choose, concede, concur, confederate, confirm, confirmation, conform, consent, conservation, continue, contribute, cornerstone, corroborate, corroboration, cosign, countenance, countersign, coverage, defend, defense, demonstrate, document, documentation, ecology, embrace, enable, encourage, endorse, enforcement, espouse, establish, excuse, expedite, favor, fealty, finance, foster, foundation, frame, fund, goodwill, grant, ground, guarantee, guaranty, help, indorse, indorsement, insurance, invest, involve, justify, keep, let, livelihood, loyalty, mainstay, maintain, nurture, organize, palliate, participate, partisan, pass, patronage, patronize, pay, pension, permission, permit, preservation, preserve, promise, promote, protect, protection, prove, quote, reassure, recommend, recommendation, regard, reinforce, reinforcement, reliance, relief, resource, safekeeping, safety, sanction, seal, security, service, shelter, side, sponsor, structure, subscribe, subsidize, substantiate, sustain, sustenance, tolerate, underwrite, uphold, verify, vouch

SUPPORT. The right of support is an easement which one man, either by contract or prescription, enjoys, to rest the joists or timbers of his house upon the wall of an adjoining building, owned by another person. 3 Kent, Com. 435. Vide Lois des Bat. part. 1, c. 3, s. a. 1, Sec. T; Party wall.

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Emaar Properties still has an uptrend on the medium term chart, but the closing price is very negative, so I recommend to place stop loss near support level of Dh5.
For California pools, the mean support levels for 1987 and 1988 originations are actually higher than market averages.
Elsewhere in Saudi, the Tadawul index may hit support level of 5,790 by next quarter, said Al Ashri.
If Gulf Finance House breaches the support level of Dh0.
Aldar Properties may fall below Dh2, if it manages to breach support level of Dh2.
Al Ashry, a member of UK organisation, the Society of Technical Analysts, said that the Abu Dhabi market was also at risk, with the ADX general index support level at 4,060.
Abu Dhabi index is still under risk and may hit support level of 4,278, and then may hit the next support of 4,077," said Al Ashri.
Abu Dhabi index may consolidate in between 4,450-4,687," said Al Ashri, adding "the support is pegged at 4,447, and if it breaks this support level it may fall further to 4,285.
However, barring this technical support level, sentiment is heavily skewed toward the optimistic end of the spectrum.
If DFM breaks the support level of 3,550, it may go down further," said Osama Al Ashri, member of British organisation, Society of Technical Analysts.
The latter of these two regions was a former support level for Q from March 14 through May 11.
While 1,450 is a critical support level for the Dubai market, for Abu Dhabi it's 2,550.

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