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The issue is whether the prohibition on employee premiums or contributions under the third criterion would prevent embedded EAPs from being excepted because any premium or contribution paid by the employee for the group health plan would likely be used to support the expense of the embedded EAP.
Christine said: "We are always looking for new and novel ways of raising money to support the expense of staging our iconic annual festival and exactly a year ago we decided to sign up to be involved with an organisation called Recycling For Good Causes.
Opportunity Productions will support the expense of these infomercial productions and will receive a 15% royalty on gross sales up to $2 million and 10% of gross sales over the $2 million figure.
Its meager advertising base could not support the expense of printing and shipping 400,000 copies a month.
Exchanges for products develop when the economics no longer support the expense of a dedicated in-house infrastructure for the one-off trading of a commoditized product.

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