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Ashore and afloat type commands (TYCOMs) and CS communities develop the NSCM to support a 21-day cycle of daily entrees that meet nutritional and supportability requirements.
To support this effort, they identified the need to establish a Department of the Navy Spectrum Supportability (SS) IPT and to create a centralized SharePoint site.
Wyle will provide flight test integration management to develop research project specific test plans and decision level presentations addressing resource, range, training, safety and technical reviews to increase research test project supportability and interoperability.
Life-cycle logisticians and systems engineers share multiple key technical competencies, including supportability analysis, reliability and maintainability analysis, technical/product data management, and configuration management, to name just a few.
Meeting business requirements is crucial for the implementation team doing the process and system design, it's equally important to keep long-term supportability in mind.
Product reliability, maintainability, and supportability handbook, 2d ed.
Comprehensive logistics supportability and sustainment planning for combat systems and equipment is an investment to ensure that our Soldiers receive warfighting capabilities that are reliable, maintainable, sustainable, and affordable.
Williams' SCADA requirements include qualities such as expandability, flexibility, supportability, extendability, enhanced security and audit-ability.
According to the company, the new version includes improvements in e-mail usability, automatic e-mail request/response handling, enhanced Visual Process Manager (VPM), as well as a new watched call facility, better support for currency and decimal handling, and enhanced supportability functions.
Quality and product supportability are accomplished and provided.
With these goals in mind, the Department of Defense (DOD) has long-standing policies and procedures that require system developers and acquirers to consider and deal with spectrum supportability knowledge early in the development and acquisition of systems.
Finally, supportability is a key requirement in the adoption of any platform or solution.

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