supporting structure

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The cost of loss of operations of equipments can exceed the value of the supporting structure itself.
The table slides to position the surface preform opposite the supporting structure.
94 kg Supporting structure External stair as a steel grating structure with
Tenders are invited for Conveyor 6A and belt feeder 6A -Cutting and removal of existing worn out cradle supports- Providing new cradle supporting structure for conveyor 6A Cutting and removal of existing worn out vertical support structure with foundation 20 Nos - Fitting new vertical support structure with foundation 20 Nos.
The Contractor under this contract, in 347 locations (listed in Annex 1) will remove the casing together with supporting structures, as well as existing vertical marking (Trade D-51), in accordance with the requirements of the law in this regard, after endorsement by the change in traffic management projects traffic organization, in cases where there is such a need safeguarded existing power connections in agreement with the local electricity distributors to cut off the power supply to the supporting structure removed and exported and utylizowal housing along with the supporting structures.
1400 pieces joints and connections of the posts, dogwoods, struts and StahltrEnger8 piece of hydraulic cylinders for the supporting structure control and verification of the supporting structure.
Depending on the location, the supporting structure is determined (eg wall, ceiling, pole mounting, elevation).
parts: supply and installation of 95 pieces of electronic ticketing devices and supporting structure,

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