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That connection was restored as his family rallied supportively around him during his illness.
As she was cleared the pair looked at each other supportively, both seeming to try to contain their relief.
Impressive' or even 'Wow' would have supportively sufficed, but the addition of the unassuming word 'sounds' carries the deliciously unavoidable implication of it being much, much less impressive than the word impressive would suggest.
Meanwhile, Pitt put up a brave front and walked supportively with partner Jolie, who plays the role of the evil queen in the movie that is a remake of the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty.
But other reviewers noted the off-code names supportively, and the journal published the paper.
He will have had his dignity and confidence knocked sideways no doubt, but will learn from it all and as his Everton successor, Roberto Martinez, so supportively says, will be back in the game before very long.
Like the late Karl Hess, John McClaughry is a libertarian-leaning writer whose concerns sometimes dovetail with the ideas of the anti-authoritarian left: He has written supportively about self-managed workplaces, neighborhood empowerment, alternative currencies, and decentralized technology.
There were only so many identical-sounding demos she could supportively sit through before the deceit of saying "you've really evolved" kept her up at night.
14) Agitation is managed supportively or with benzodiazepines, as antipsychotics and antihistamines are contraindicated with anticholinergic delirium.
And we'll be able to listen supportively without wanting to run for the hills.
Given the difficulty that Islamic banks will likely face in building a corporate client base during their start-up period, the CBO has supportively raised the 35 per cent limit on consumer loans (as a percentage of total loans) to 60 per cent during the first 12-months of operations, while the 15 per cent limit on housing loans remained unchanged.