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One of the key challenges mentioned by Lord Kerslake's report is the way we work with others and we are absolutely committed to working constructively with partners in setting up the combined authority and Birmingham Partners; we have not sought to take control but have worked collaboratively and supportively.
I'm assured by them that the British Embassy staff in Switzerland are also responding positively and supportively.
She was joined by her husband Ben Smith-Petersen who remained supportively by her side.
However, I have checked on the issues she's raised directly with the developers and understand they do feel they have done a lot to deal with this case sympathetically and supportively.
It will allow us to openly, but supportively, challenge each other to do better.
That connection was restored as his family rallied supportively around him during his illness.
As she was cleared the pair looked at each other supportively, both seeming to try to contain their relief.
Meanwhile, Pitt put up a brave front and walked supportively with partner Jolie, who plays the role of the evil queen in the movie that is a remake of the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty.
Like the late Karl Hess, John McClaughry is a libertarian-leaning writer whose concerns sometimes dovetail with the ideas of the anti-authoritarian left: He has written supportively about self-managed workplaces, neighborhood empowerment, alternative currencies, and decentralized technology.
But for Rubio, nothing compares to telling the compelling stories of people who are making a difference in the world, and as a Latina, she can connect with her audience humbly and supportively.
There were only so many identical-sounding demos she could supportively sit through before the deceit of saying "you've really evolved" kept her up at night.
14) Agitation is managed supportively or with benzodiazepines, as antipsychotics and antihistamines are contraindicated with anticholinergic delirium.