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The Dell systems is supposed to deliver enrollment and disenrollment information files to plan issuers daily, from Tuesday through Saturday by 6 am, April 1 through June 30, 2017.
Prison isn't supposed to be comfortable, it's supposed to be a deterrent.
Television was supposed to kill radio, it didn't" Lord (Melvyn) Bragg "I was never a grunter.
The attaches are supposed to solve any potential problem that Iranian labors may face in abroad, he mentioned.
I'm supposed to know what being a granddad is like, just as my daughter Bethany and daughter-in-law Becky are supposed to know what being a mother is like.
It never came, and it was supposed to be the subscription deal with that bogus book--that book that sucks
It was supposed to be the nuke bomb in the coaster war," said Robert Niles, the Pasadena-based editor of ThemeParkInsider.
The procedure is supposed to be similar to a civil court process, with a Prosecutor, Defendant, Witness, Judicial vicars, Judges, and Appeals, if necessary all the way to Rome.
It's not supposed to be a trade, it's supposed to be we save lives and we all come home and feel good about it.
We get convictions that aren't supposed to be convictions, and acquittals that aren't supposed to be acquittals," says Justice Andrew Nyirenda, chief of Malawi's High Court.
Indeed, on making those prepayments, both the Argentine and the Brazilian governments made a great deal of political hay out of the supposed fact that they were forever weaning themselves from IMF borrowing and from IMF meddling in their internal economic affairs.
As corporate editors, we sometimes struggle with what role we're supposed to fill in our organizations.