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Doing so could supposedly endanger her children when she jokingly told the interviewer, "I don't want anything to happen to my kids.
A picture of an empty seat was released, supposedly as proof he wasn't on the flight, which is like leaving a golf ball in the cup as proof of a hole-in-one.
I doubt if it will have any impact on the many Tory multimillionaire MPs who sit around the Cabinet table supposedly making these hard choices he refers to.
How does Mr Thompson know that the current movements to be open and progressive aren't equally inspired by God to bring about the changes he wants in what is supposedly His Church?
C[pounds sterling]These cases take place abroad, meaning that these criminals send emails to various citizens who possibly have accounts that they deal with electronically, announcing that the message is supposedly from the bank and that supposedly their account had a problem, or that they are supposedly checking the banks security systems, because their account is deactivated,C[yen] he explained.
So can "mail fraud," which BetOnSports supposedly committed by advertising that it is "legal and licensed"--never mind that BetOnSports is legal and licensed in the countries where it operates.
This supposedly trivial little get-together included an emissary from Beijing, which is holding an ever-increasing share of the paper on the debt that Washington has run up to carry out its CFR-designed foreign policy.
But Hu, one of 500 students in the university's Internet-monitoring group, is part of a new, supposedly volunteer force that the government has mobilized to help censor the Web.
Throughout the essay Clarke attacks the flee-market forces that supposedly gave us an era of cheap oil.
As in the case of stale-dated checks, municipalities have been routinely providing listings of these accounts, and the third-party requesters have been submitting fraudulent powers of attorney seeking to recover these funds supposedly for the intended recipient.
The Last Thylacine by Terry Domico is a gripping tale of Matthew Clark who, upon claiming he has a supposedly extinct and especially mysterious animal (the Thylacine) is fired from his job for such a frivolous assertion.
Hung is a mix of entertaining personal anecdotes and sweeping popculture criticism that takes on one of our culture's deepest obsessions: the supposedly prodigious endowment of Black men.