suppress competition

See: monopolize
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As I've argued all along, Uber's introduction to the market in Cardiff will stimulate and not suppress competition.
The American Nurses Association (ANA), which joined an amicus (friend of the court) brief in the case, is pleased the Court ruled that the actions of the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners to prevent non-dentists from offering teeth-whitening services were an unlawful attempt to suppress competition.
Federal Trade Commission Chair Edith Ramirez said the decision correctly affirms that a state may not give private market participants unsupervised authority to suppress competition, even if they act through a formally designated "state agency.
Nothing was intended to suppress competition or stifle innovation.
This move has the potential to suppress competition and will lead to the immediate loss of jobs in hard-hit areas," he said.
To determine whether the franchisor's pricing policies are permissible or not, the decision requires courts to determine if the franchisor's pricing policies promote competition or suppress competition.
As the utility of antidumping became evident to those industries, Wade negotiators, and politicians in the decades following World War II, the law--and its regulatory apparatus--gradually was transformed from one predicated on protecting consumers from collusive or predatory foreign Wade practices into a tool to suppress competition in the name of remedying "injury" experienced by domestic producers.
The Governor must show courage and conviction and veto this bill - not be held hostage to the IBEW that now wants to claim a new economic sector as their own and suppress competition.
In our counterclaim, MacDermid has alleged, among other things, that DuPont has (i) attempted to inappropriately suppress competition, (ii) attempted monopolization of portions of the flexographic plate market, (iii) engaged in inappropriate restraint of trade, and (iv) used invalid patents to inappropriately suppress competition.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Martinair Holland NV and Scandinavian Airlines System's SAS Cargo Group AS of holding meetings to suppress competition by fixing rates.
It confirms our view that Sky have no intention of agreeing a deal on sensible commercial rates and that a withdrawal of these channels is an outcome which they are deliberately trying to engineer in order to suppress competition.
They conclude that analysis of the activities of interest groups, politicians and other gatekeepers to the art world can illuminate the way the designation "art" serves to abolish market prices and suppress competition.