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Under such conditions, which are encountered during cold start of an aircraft engine on a cold tarmac or high-altitude cruising, there is a potential deterioration in the dispersion of the suppressant and its transport to the fire zone.
Treatment: Either a suppressant or an expectorant designed to aid restful sleep.
Harvesting a natural appetite suppressant from jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-bah) may give U.
A non-productive cough will normally settle on its own, but if you want to try a cough medicine go for a suppressant (see Cough Medicine, right).
Valvular heart disease has recently been reported to occur in association with the use of certain appetite suppressant medications.
These uses include the physiological release of nitric oxide from the inner lining of blood vessels at a level that acts as an antioxidant as well as a suppressant of nuclear factor kappa beta, a protein which directs the inflammatory process underlying the pathology of most chronic diseases.
a family of dust suppressant products, with the following proven benefits*:
The company maintains that the new name more accurately reflects its wide array of non-halogen fire retardant and smoke suppressant technologies, brands, and products now offered for a variety of end-use applications.
It is also said to be an afterglow suppressant and to help reduce the amount of toxic fumes and/or smoke during combustion, and to impart uv stabilization to films, coatings, and plastics.
One former Hercules pilot told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme he believed the 'probability' was that the crew would have survived the attack if an explosive- suppressant foam device had been fitted.
Current use of any acid suppressant was associated with a higher risk of pneumonia (adjusted odds ratio 1.
The researchers tested 11 different substances (representing the major suppressant categories) by applying them to unpaved roads, then simulating sufficient rainfall to create runoff.