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Once the suppressant is chosen for a specific application, determination needs to be made for the amount of agent that is needed for effective suppression.
I WOULD like to get a debate rolling on the subject of seasonal suppressants for racing greyhounds.
MacDermid offers a new product Minimist Liquid as a replacement spray suppressant for use in decorative hexavalent chromium plating, but advises that they should be used in conjunction with effective fume extraction.
The possibility of aspiration is significant and should negate any potential benefit as a cough suppressant.
in which a few nanolayers of smoke suppressant are deposited onto the surface of a PAG flame retardant, such as Hydrax (ATH), Hydramax HM-B8 (magnesium hydroxide), or HM-C9 (huntite/hydromagnesite).
The city is concerned chloride-based dust suppressants could contaminate and add additional chloride -- salt -- in the Santa Clara River.
NASDAQ: ARxT) to sell Delsym (dextromethorphan polistirex), an over-the-counter (OTC) 12-hour liquid cough suppressant.
Defeat Pain: Meditations To Transform Pain To Peace (1886198160, 40 minutes) stems from the studies and understandings of KRS Edstrom and offers an interesting, intuitive and masterful presented production of emotional and physical pain suppressant tactics and strategies for the listener wishing for better sense of self and relief of their physical discomforts.
Although the new hormone, should it prove effective as an appetite suppressant in humans, would be quite useful in our age of obesity, it would never be available in pill form.
Areas that may previously have been unsuitable for public access become usable, maintenance is greatly reduced due to the product's effectiveness as a weed suppressant and its long lasting properties mean that topping up is only infrequently required.
Codeine, the leading cough suppressant, works by calming the brain's message-receiving center.
She was taking cortisone, a diuretic, and a nausea suppressant, which were controlling this symptom.