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If the morning cortisol is less than 5 mcg/ dL, or if there is more than a 50% decrease in the baseline morning cortisol then cortisol production is considered suppressible.
Some scholars subscribe to the view that speech banned as obscene contributes so little to society politically or otherwise on account of its purely sexual content that it does not embody any of the values the First Amendment was adopted to protect, and is thus unprotected and suppressible by the government at will.
The gold standard test to evaluate diagnosis and cure of acromegaly remains nonsuppressible or suppressible GH during an oGTT.
Then there is your inner voice that declares a barely suppressible 'result
Had this fire occurred in the senescent scrub habitat where fuel loads are high, the fire may not have been suppressible.
Since this rising demand is not likely to be suppressible, regulated production of these animals is needed to make them safe.