suppressio veri

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SUPPRESSIO VERI. Concealment of truth.
     2. In general a suppression of the truth, when a party is bound to disclose it, vitiates a contract. In the contract of insurance a knowledge of the facts is required to enable the underwriter to calculate the chances and form a due estimate of the risk; and, in this contract perhaps more than any other, the parties are required to represent every thing with fairness. 1 Bla. Rep. 594; 3 Burr. 1809.
     3. Suppressio veri as well as suggestio falsi is a ground to rescind an agreement, or at least not to carry it into execution. 3 Atk. 383; Prec. Ch. 138; 1 Fonb. Eq. c. 2, s. 8; 1 Ball & Beatty, 241; 3 Munf. 232 1 Pet. 383; 2 Paige, 390 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3841. Vide Concealment; Misrepresentation; Representation: Suggestio falsi.

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The mixture of spite, gullibility, and suppressio veri which formed Trevor-Roper's chief contribution to public fife over the decades was ruthlessly epitomized in an Encounter piece by A.
Noting that there are Anglo-Saxon burials within the area of The Mount Roman cemetery at York and leaving the impression of a link, without noting the long chronological gap between the two, sails very close to suppressio veri suggestio falsi (p.