covering fire

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They provided suppressive fire while the Iraqi army got into position to go in (to the building).
Under the protection of suppressive fire laid down by the commander, Carter rushed to the fallen Soldiers, and, avoiding enemy fire, recovered the communications specialist, dragging him back to cover 15 feet away.
Once inside the house, he provided a heavy volume of suppressive fire while the casualties were evacuated.
Fixed a bug where suppressive fire had reduced effect on the M16 and M5K when compared with other weapons.
Two nearby military police squads--the 504th Military Police Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment and the 202d Military Police Company--had heard the initial small arms fire; and within minutes, both squads and eight vehicles had positioned themselves along Route Elizabeth, to the east of the PHQ, to provide suppressive fire against the attack.
The Army laid down suppressive fire while Delaney and McCaffrey hastily requested airpower.
We really didn't fire unless we had a shot or when we needed to lay suppressive fire to allow people to move.
Primary function: Suppressive fire for team movement/contact.
In a typical scenario, you order your men to lay down suppressive fire while you sneak around the back and take out Germans from behind.
As an active countermeasure, they employ suppressive fire, such as the M134 Gatling machine gun, a 7.
The UH-lNs bring a variety of firepower for suppressive fire, such as 2.