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COURT, SUPREME. Supreme court is the name of a court having jurisdiction over all other courts Vide Courts of the United States.

SUPREME. That which is superior to all other things; as the supreme power of the state, which is an authority over all others. The supreme court, which is superior to all other courts.

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The BSP supremo also released the 10th volume of her book titled " A Travelogue of My Struggle- Ridden Life and BSP Movement" along with a 2015 calendar with each page featuring her photograph.
Caption: Supremo stemware highlights the drinking experience.
June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- To help celebrate Dad this Father's Day, Fazoli's is giving kids across the country the chance to create a Supremo Dad Trading Card and get a big deal on Fazoli's new Supremo Meal Deals.
Yo el Supremo is a novel about the main character in Paraguay's independence, Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia, who was decisive in the overthrow of the Spanish governor Bernardo de Velasco in 1811 and then governed the country with an iron fist until his death in 1840.
A book of snappy little poems about the machines that surround us in our daily life, Machino Supremo is the happy collaboration of succinct writing and inspired illustrations.
As per the party sources, leaders have prepared detailed arrangements at the ground to prevent inconvenience to the people and to accord warm welcome to their party supremo.
HEARTBROKEN Treherbert RFC lost their last game of the season despite a last ditch training session from Wales supremo Shaun Edwards.
Summary: Exiled Hamas supremo Khaled Meshaal called on Monday for dialogue to resolve the situation in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.
SFA supremo Gordon Smith has repeatedly opposed Lord Coe's insistence there will be a team with or without Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
There had been growing pressure on the Englishman to go, with F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone among the many who publicly called for the FIA chief to step down because of the scandal.
BARCLAYS investment banking supremo has insisted there is no black hole in the company's accounts from its exposure to turmoil in credit markets.
Cabinet Minister Ed Balls last night hailed Mr Bridges's decision to resign as the culmination of Mr Cameron's "worst week" since he became Tory supremo in 2005.